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Meet Mee Chili Pan Mee Dry Fishcake (Thick)


Especially the Kuala Lumpur students who have left school, after leaving school, you can now relish our Meet Mee chili pan mee everywhere in Malaysia~~! !This is a lot of memories from everyone in school. We preserved several main elements, namely our signature dried chili, fish cakes, and special seasoning. The half-raw eggs need to be processed at home by everyone.When the eggs are boiled in boiling hot water, you can blanch the eggs with hot water for 5 minutes.Now spend a few minutes at home to prepare the fragrant and spicy Meet Mee Chili Pan Mee Our family has always focused on Chili Pan Mee. We have been operating a Pan Mee shop in Kuala Lumpur for 20 years. We have always wanted to make our main fish cake Chili Pan Mee into instant noodles. After this epidemic, the pace has been accelerated. 


Brand Meet Mee
Location Of Origin Malaysia
Weight 145gr
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