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Bourbon Alfort Mini Choco Premium Rich 59g
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Model: 4901360327188
Alfort Premium Strawberry from Bourbon Corporation is a mini chocolate with 40% cocoa and a rich strawberry flavour. Made with baked cocoa biscuit wrapped in strawberry chocolate with a cute design, it is a popular cookie in Japan...
Ex Tax:RM5.80
Bourbon Alfort Mini Choco Vanilla White 53g
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Model: 4901360348077
This box of rich dark chocolate biscuits is perfect for snacking! The biscuits are covered in luxurious white chocolate flavored with all-organic vanilla seeds. A bittersweet cocoa biscuit is combined with white chocolate that has a pleasant vanilla flavor. Please enjoy the delicious flavor of milk...
Ex Tax:RM5.80
Bourbon My Leaf Almond Chocolate Puff Pastry
Out Of Stock
Model: 4901360348879
Bourbon My Leaf Almond Chocolate Puff Pastry (Feulletage) SnackNet Packing: 8 individual pack in a bo.A luxurious feuilletage snack that consists of almonds and milk chocolate...
Ex Tax:RM14.70
HERSHEY'S Bar 40g Milk Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 6942836701024
It is made with 100% real milk chocolate for a creamy, rich flavor. This 40g bar is the perfect size for snacking or sharing. Enjoy this timeless classic, with the flavor and quality that Hershey's has been providing for years...
Ex Tax:RM4.10
Hershey's Chocolate Creme Wafers
Out Of Stock
Model: 8801725000434
Hershey's chocolate creme wafers 2 Packs 63g on this delicious wafers and say bye to your hunger pangs A wafer is a crisp, often sweet, very thin, flat, light and dry cookie Wafers can also be made into cookies with cream flavoring sandwiched between them...
Ex Tax:RM7.60
Model: 6942836703226
Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate contains cocoa, sugar and milk. This chocolate contains less sugar compared to other chocolates. Enjoy this sumptuous bite-sized chocolate whenever and where ever you want...
Ex Tax:RM4.60
Kabaya Doutor Coffee Beans Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4901550374046
It is  a chocolate which coated a whole coffee bean used in famous coffee chain "Doutor Coffee" in Japan.This chocolate coats the coffee beans made in Brazil with two layers of chocolate, white and milk chocolate. You can enjoy the deliciousness with a combination of the sweetness and bitternes..
Ex Tax:RM10.40
Kabaya Doutor Macarons Cookie (Biscuit)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4901550129172
Crunchy macaroon cookies! You can enjoy two flavors: a rich tasting coffee flavor made with coffee from DOUTOR, a popular Japanese coffee chain, and a delicious cocoa flavor with a mild sweetness! The perfect accompaniment to your daily coffee break!..
Ex Tax:RM15.00
Model: 9556001670700
Everyone's favorite NESTLÉ® KITKAT® is made of layers of creme-filled wafer covered in smooth milk chocolate, each KITKAT® finger can be used for decorating cakes, filling pastries, and topping desserts...
Ex Tax:RM3.30
Lotte Akuma No Crunky (Chocolate)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333258550
Elevate your chocolate bar game from crunchy to Crunky. This chocolate bar is loaded with tiny malt puffs to create the ultimate crispy confection. Crunky bars are sweet, creamy, and totally addicting!..
Ex Tax:RM10.00
Lotte Cacao Megumi 60%(Chocolate)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333222193
Lotte Cacao Megumi 60%(Chocolate)..
Ex Tax:RM12.90
Model: 4903333231119
These delicious treats feature a soft and fluffy biscuit cake filled with a creamy and decadent strawberry tiramisu-flavored filling, and coated with a layer of smooth and rich chocolate. Each bite is a perfect balance of sweetness and richness that will satisfy your cravings for a tasty treat...
Ex Tax:RM20.10
Lotte Chococo
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333241521
 These snacks are not only light and tasty, but they are also individually wrapped and perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth...
Ex Tax:RM13.40
Model: 4903333236138
Fill your hunger with this soft and tasty, cream-filled chiffon cake! This special Custard Cake variant is made in collaboration with Milk, a famous fresh cream specialty store in Japan...
Ex Tax:RM19.90
Lotte Premium Ghana Chocolate Whip Double Nuts(Chocolate)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333252879
Ingredients: Sugar (made in Japan), cacao mass, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, milk etc. (includes eggs), macadaminut paste, hazelnut paste, western sake. / trehalose, emulsifier (derived from soy), sorbitol, alcohol, flavoringProduct Size (Height x Depth x Width): 3.9 inches (9.8 c..
Ex Tax:RM16.90
Lotte Premium Ghana Nuts Truffle Strawberry(Chocolate)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333204861
The sweet and sour taste of Amao strawberries and the rich flavor of cocoa ganache made with hazelnuts are the best match! This chocolate has a smooth texture!..
Ex Tax:RM15.90
Model: 4903333244676
The truffle is made with premium Ghanaian chocolate and is flavored with Gyokuro Matcha, a high-quality Japanese green tea. Gyokuro Matcha is a type of green tea that is known for its delicate and complex flavor profile...
Ex Tax:RM24.00
Lotte Premium Ghana Twinnings Earl Grey Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333210770
A review of the "Premium Ghana Twining Supervised Raw Chocolate Earl Grey" sold by Lotte. It is a rich sweet with a twist added to the melt-in-your-mouth Ghana...
Ex Tax:RM24.00
Lotte Premium Ghana Yubari Melon Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333252787
 Enjoy each refreshing bite of these tasty luxurious treats!..
Ex Tax:RM24.00
Lotte Zero Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903333239726
This chocolate is made with Lotte's unique technology that allows you to fully enjoy the rich taste of chocolate despite the fact that it contains no sugar, lactose, or other sugars. 1 bag = 84g. Its greatest feature is that it combines the characteristics of "zero sugar and sugar-free" with "good t..
Ex Tax:RM19.00
Model: 93682961
Bite size pieces of Milk Chocolate Coated With a Thin Crisp Shell...
Ex Tax:RM3.40
Model: 4902777090337
Japan's most famous confectionery company Meiji, has been producing famous chocolate bars since 1926. This Meiji milk chocolate box has 26 individually wrapped milky starwberry chocolate blocks with the "Meiji" logo on each one. This popular chocolate is a perfect gift for any chocolate lover!..
Ex Tax:RM20.30
Meito One's Bar Choco Mint (Chocolate)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4902757155308
Cool down as you try these unique chocolate stick bars! Each piece is layered with both milk chocolate and mint-flavored choco for that surprisingly refreshing kick! These treats are also filled with crumbled cookie crunch...
Ex Tax:RM8.30
Model: 4902888260537
It is a premium chocolate that has been particular about details such as raw materials, manufacturing method, and packaging form.Bitter chocolate made from Venezuelan cacao is mixed with truffle salt for an elegant aftertaste.[Contents] 18 sheets [Quantity] 6 pieces..
Ex Tax:RM26.00
Model: 4902201180788
A white chocolate-based kit kat that uses peach juice powder to recreate the sweet and sour taste of peach fruit...
Ex Tax:RM19.80
Nestle KK Mini Milk Tea
Out Of Stock
Model: 4902201180184
A unique flavor from Japan, this Milk Tea KitKat will remind you of drinking a rich and creamy sweet milk tea. Enjoy these Kitkat flavors from around the world!..
Ex Tax:RM28.50
Nestle Kk Mini Otona Amasa Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4902201179966
Nestle KitKat Mini Otona No Amasa Dark Chocolate. Japanese Kit Kat is famous for having new and exciting flavors for their traditional chocolate bars! With these mini Kit Kat bars you can enjoy rich dark chocolate flavour! The crunchy wafer biscuits are covered with dark chocolate. One set includes ..
Ex Tax:RM22.00
Nestle KK Mini Otona No Amasa Rich Matcha Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4902201179973
KitKat Japan is one of the most popular Japanese snacks in the world. KitKat Sweet Rich Matcha is a limited version, available only for a limited time. It has a sweet matcha flavour mixed with creamy white chocolate, on a crispy wafer This bag contains 12 individually wrapped mini bars...
Ex Tax:RM23.50
Toblerone 50g Milk
Out Of Stock
Model: 76145513
Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. Description : A pure cocoa butter mixed up with milk from swiss Alps, decorated with honey, almonds and nougats. The Toblerone makes everybody crazy about the swiss chocolate...
Ex Tax:RM6.16
Kabaya Doutor Cafe Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4901550375050
This chocolate coats the coffee beans made in Brazil with two layers of chocolate, white and milk chocolate. You can enjoy the deliciousness with a combination of the sweetness and bitterness...
Ex Tax:RM17.00
Kabaya Doutor Coffee Beans Choco High Cacao (Chocolate)
Out Of Stock
Model: 4901550372561
A whole Brazilian coffee bean roasted by Doutor Coffee is coated with hight cocoa chocolate with 70% cocoa content.It is a collaboration chocolate with Doutor Coffee, which has the largest number of self-style coffee chains. Brand : Kabaya Foods Co., Ltd...
Ex Tax:RM10.40
Model: 9300682016278
Bite size pieces of Milk Chocolate Coated Crispy Centres in a Colourful Shell...
Ex Tax:RM3.40
Model: 93682978
Bite size pieces of Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts in a Thin Crisp Shell...
Ex Tax:RM3.40
Model: 4902777090603
A special bitter chocolate with a gorgeous scent of cacao in a sharp, high-quality bitterness...
Ex Tax:RM8.50
Model: 4902777095509
High cocoa polyphenols for beauty and healthReal bitter chocolate with 72% cacao content.We reviewed the processing method of cacao beans and adjusted the balance between bitterness and sourness. Please enjoy the fine cacao taste...
Ex Tax:RM8.20
Model: 4902777095417
A large bag of high cocoa polyphenol chocolate with 86% cocoa content...
Ex Tax:RM8.20
Meiji Fran Original Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 4902777062518
Meiji Fran Original Chocolate is a balance of medium sweet chocolate and a buttery cocoa. It is one of the top products of Meiji company. Fran is a pretzel stick in a milk chocolate covering. This chocolate is suitable for adults and is fun as a coffee stirrer when you are enjoying afterno..
Ex Tax:RM10.50
Meiji Macadamia Nut Choco
Out Of Stock
Model: 4902777006284
One of many quality products from Meiji, Macadamia is Creamy Chocolate filled with soft yet crunchy Macadamia Nuts, known as the "King of Nuts". Absolutely Delicious!!!..
Ex Tax:RM15.40
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