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Meet Mee Chili Pan Mee Dry
Out Of Stock
Model: 9551014320000
How can you enjoy a traditional Chili Pan Mee without Fried Anchovies?! Yesss! We choose only the best quality of anchovies, and deep-fry them using t..
Ex Tax:RM5.90
Model: 9551014320154
Now you don't need to knead the dough by hand or fry the anchovies, or even make the soup by yourself anymore! ????????easily prepare a traditional bo..
Ex Tax:RM5.90
Model: 9551014320062
Ntroducing MEET MEE’s first exclusive Chili Wantan Mee with Fried Fish Cakes ~~~!! Have you heard of it? Have you ever eaten it? For those who frequen..
Ex Tax:RM5.90
Meet Mee Chili Pan Mee Dry Fishcake (Thick)
Out Of Stock
Model: 9551014320031
Especially the Kuala Lumpur students who have left school, after leaving school, you can now relish our Meet Mee chili pan mee everywhere in Malaysia~..
Ex Tax:RM5.90

Party Ideas

100 Plus Blackcurrant Flavour 500ml
Out Of Stock
Model: 9556570005583
Introducing 100 Plus Blackcurrant, a new twist of flavour in the 100PLUS family. Certified with the Healthier Choice Logo (HCL). 100PLUS Blackcurrant ..
Ex Tax:RM3.00
Ml Pony Marshmellow Jam Filled Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Model: 8888235098878
My Little Pony Marshmallow Jam Filled Chocolate..
Ex Tax:RM5.20
Model: 8888235601092
My Little Pony Ice Cream Pop is a candy look like a ice cream. When press the button, the ice cream candy will spin in your mouth! Let’s your kids hav..
Ex Tax:RM4.80


Model: 4909411088538
A standout of green teas, Kirin’s Nama Cha pure green tea has a rich, sweet flavor, wholesome aroma and a luscious touch of umami. A quality tea that ..
Ex Tax:RM8.00
Model: 4909411084950
It's a full-bodied tea, really rich and tasty.The sweetness adds to the flavour of the tea rather than being too sugary on its own. It has a great tex..
Ex Tax:RM8.90
Model: 4904910057627
Made with puree from 2 peaches, carefully strained from peach pulp in 3 stages.Enjoy the rich sweetness of melting peaches. Contains 23% of real peach..
Ex Tax:RM7.80
Model: 4901085191927
For the raw material tea leaves, we carefully roasted the “exclusive 1st tea” carefully selected by our company among domestic 1st teas to bring out t..
Ex Tax:RM9.60

Goodness Deal

Model: 95559821182
有機滴雞精 Organic Drip Chicken Essence〔甘榜全雞鮮熬 Fresh made with WHOLE KAMPUNG CHICKEN]大夫有機滴雞精,堅持以本地放餐走地有機士雞,新鮮熬製,讓您享有市面上最新鮮美味的滴雞精,原汁原味,比起家中滴制,更濃郁清甜。結合中醫食療養生..
Ex Tax:RM238.00
我們的鳳梨汁全部採用新鮮鳳梨原料,經過嚴選等各種工序。 嚴格控制每一瓶果汁的生產過程,確保每一瓶都是100%原汁原味沒有任何添加劑和人工色素100%原汁 / 非濃縮還原 / 零添加喝上一杯100%原汁鮮榨的鳳梨果汁,讓你感受到來自熱帶的清爽。我們堅持採用新鮮鳳梨製作,沒有任何添加物或人工色..
Ex Tax:RM144.00
Ex Tax:RM12.00
Ybc Star S Consomme
Out Of Stock
Model: 4903015500021
Consomme flavor filed with meat and vegetables. The taste and sweetness of vegetables match exquisitely to crispy light texture chip star. It is anew ..
Ex Tax:RM7.80

Home Improvement

Model: 8888888832
Osaka (new) -  Clean scent of pink Himalayan salt with a touch of pink salt and cherry blossom. A soul cleansing scent!..
Ex Tax:RM49.00
Model: 8888888814
Our handmade and handpoured candles are made from palm wax and fragrance oil.What is the difference between palm wax and soy wax?Both palm and soy wax..
Ex Tax:RM65.00
Model: 8888888830
Mēn (new) - A masculine and attractive scent, made with rosewood, sandalwood, agarwood and amber. Great for those who prefers a little sexy masculine ..
Ex Tax:RM49.00
Model: 8888888816
Our handmade and handpoured candles are made from palm wax and fragrance oil.What is the difference between palm wax and soy wax?Both palm and soy wax..
Ex Tax:RM65.00
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